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OREGON State Certified
OR Food Handler
Certification Card

Bulletin Services
Are you looking for a Cook or Food Photographer? Feel free to browse my Food Portfolios. I have quite a few food shots posted
here, and even more on a DVD that you can request by separate parcel if you like. That way, you can take it home to review it on
your DVD Player if that better suits your already hectic work schedule. It's set up like a movie. Just pop it in and hit play ...

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From the Pros - " Motivating The Staff ".
My Capabilities ... Shown, is what I can do. Let me know if you can put me to work !
Are you a church
looking to add a little
style and pizazz to
your Bulletins? You
are heading in the
right direction ...
Request Food DVD
Roseburg, OR
Food Photographer, Cook
44+ years experience
From the PROS

Motivating The Staff
When you're ready to take things further ...
Motivating your staff
doesn't have to be a task
anymore. It's simple. If
you want to motivate your
staff, you have to make
them feel excited to come
to work each day. See how
the PROS do it, below :
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